Friday, December 9, 2011

yOu & i...

My hubby and I share the same fb page. Since both of us did not have fb page before married, so we've decided to create one page for the two of us. So, I just want to share some pros and cons of sharing fb page, from my own point of view.


  • My friends + his friends = increase the number of friends in fb page
  • No secret, no jealousy, no suspicion.... ok, i lie, not 'no' but 'less' (^_^)
  •  We can get to know each other pal
  • Even when I'm not online, I can still know what happened in our fb page if my hubby is online because he can tell me and vice versa
  • Sometimes, our friends cannot differentiate whether it is me or him who update the status, comments and others. Well, usually the status was solely update by me...hehe.
  • You can't see my hubby comments on my page since we share the same ID or else it will become quite know like:
    • Wife: thanks hubby for your help this morning
    • Hubby: you're welcome wife, tc, see u this weekend
  • We tend to miss some messages because our partner open it before and forgot to remind us about it....happens all the time, both ways...
Despite all of the cons, we still prefer to have a joint account on fb. Not to mention, thank you to my hubby for letting me create the page on the first place...xoxo

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