Thursday, December 1, 2011

HoW i mET yOuR AbAH...pARt 1

Dear Precious,

When you reach certain age, you might develop an interest and curiosity to know about this is just a plain normal story, but it is special because it lead your Ummi and Abah to beautiful path together and miraculously having you as a blessed addition in our life...

This story begin in year 2004...and it took place in Universiti Malaysia Terengganu as known as Kolej Universiti Sains and Teknologi Malaysia KUSTEM at that particular time.

New place, new life, new friends, new routine. I started my first year being a university student pursuing first degree in Food Science, expecting the unexpected, excited, yet, worried. Am I going to fit in? Can I adapt myself? Will I be able to meet good friends?

As I enter my room, I saw two double decker beds. Not long after that, I met my roommates. All three of them. They seem nice and their parents look kind hearted too. I am relieved. That day, I met Kak Nenie, Liana and Umairah for the first time. Kak Nenie was from Kelantan, while Liana was from Selangor and Umairah coming from KL.

The four of us became close in a blink of an eye. Sharing room, notes, foods, interests, stories and many more. We did influenced one another sometimes, especially on our speaking accent. They are special friends and I treasure our friendship so much. They're the reason I bought In Team nasheed album for the first time in my life and I'm the reason they said "kipeh" and "maleh" instead of "kipas" and "malas". (^_^)

We were not just roommates, we were also classmates. The four of us took Food Science course, therefore, we were together every minute of the day. From day to night, from breakfast to dinner, from lectures to exams, from weekday to weekend. We were practically family there...

2 b continued...

Lots of love and doa from your Ummi,

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