Thursday, December 22, 2011

FeAsT yOuR EyES....

Amboi...tajuk, over tau. macam la best sangat. Kalau nak tau, saya ni minat nak cuba2 resipi yang baru. Tapi masak malas dan tak sedap. Masak kuah2 tak berapa minat plak. So, weekend je mula la nak try resipi2 baru. Pastu, paksa orang makan. Hehe. Kesian semua kat rumah dah bertambah berat badan dah. Yang paling bertambah of course la saya n hubby. Sebelum ni ada cuba beberapa resipi, tapi tak tangkap gambar pun. Last weekend baru terasa nak tangkap gambar. Ni dua resipi yang saya cuba.   

Yang ni Korean Egg Rolls. Korean konon. Padahal telur dengan daun bawang je pun, then roll kan telur tu...paling senang kot korean recipe. Dah terpengaruh sangat dengan korean drama. Ini je yang mampu buat setakat ni...Actually resipi yang saya tengok di YouTube, ada campur carrot, tapi takde carrot pulak hari tu. So, dapat la telur dengan daun bawang je...resipi ni saya namakan Secret Garden Egg Rolls...hahahaha

from different angle

This one Tortilla with Breaded Chicken...resipi sendiri je. Tortilla wrap beli yang dah siap. Cebisan ayam buat 'breading procedure'. First, salut cebisan ayam dengan tepung, then telur lepas tu biskut cream crackers yang dihancurkan. Nak buat serbuk roti sendiri tak sempat. Tambah kepingan chachos bbq flavoured untuk feeling ala2 KFC punya tortillas. 

Looking forward to try more new recipes. This weekend maybe cake to celeb8 combo birthdays...hubby-mak-mine...just maybe...hehehe

Friday, December 9, 2011

yOu & i...

My hubby and I share the same fb page. Since both of us did not have fb page before married, so we've decided to create one page for the two of us. So, I just want to share some pros and cons of sharing fb page, from my own point of view.


  • My friends + his friends = increase the number of friends in fb page
  • No secret, no jealousy, no suspicion.... ok, i lie, not 'no' but 'less' (^_^)
  •  We can get to know each other pal
  • Even when I'm not online, I can still know what happened in our fb page if my hubby is online because he can tell me and vice versa
  • Sometimes, our friends cannot differentiate whether it is me or him who update the status, comments and others. Well, usually the status was solely update by me...hehe.
  • You can't see my hubby comments on my page since we share the same ID or else it will become quite know like:
    • Wife: thanks hubby for your help this morning
    • Hubby: you're welcome wife, tc, see u this weekend
  • We tend to miss some messages because our partner open it before and forgot to remind us about it....happens all the time, both ways...
Despite all of the cons, we still prefer to have a joint account on fb. Not to mention, thank you to my hubby for letting me create the page on the first place...xoxo

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

WhEn MUmmY Is BoReD...

Ummi's bored...web surfing and found and take...

Baby Personality Quiz...for Muhammad Umar, of course...

Your baby personality quiz results are below.....

What can you expect for your baby? He will be a very passionate person. He is fiercely competitive, motivated, and driven. He is very bright but is easily bored or distracted. You won't have to worry about him being a couch potato. He will be very athletic or physically active. He is emotional, sensitive, and affectionate. His image and good looks are very important to him. When he gets to be a teen he will be the one that refuses to wear anything that is not in style. He will burn a whole in your pocket if you let him. He will drive you crazy wanting the newest athletic shoes. He enjoys listening to music, dancing, and loves a good drama (whether its fiction or real life).

He will be very ambitious and will do well in life. He adapts well to change and can function well in just about any setting. He is good at rolling with the punches and nothing gets him down. Career chooses may include actor/model, doctor, lawyer, advertising executive, or politician.

Why don't you mommies take for your baby too?it's fun...(^_^)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

HoW i mET yOuR AbAH...pARt 1

Dear Precious,

When you reach certain age, you might develop an interest and curiosity to know about this is just a plain normal story, but it is special because it lead your Ummi and Abah to beautiful path together and miraculously having you as a blessed addition in our life...

This story begin in year 2004...and it took place in Universiti Malaysia Terengganu as known as Kolej Universiti Sains and Teknologi Malaysia KUSTEM at that particular time.

New place, new life, new friends, new routine. I started my first year being a university student pursuing first degree in Food Science, expecting the unexpected, excited, yet, worried. Am I going to fit in? Can I adapt myself? Will I be able to meet good friends?

As I enter my room, I saw two double decker beds. Not long after that, I met my roommates. All three of them. They seem nice and their parents look kind hearted too. I am relieved. That day, I met Kak Nenie, Liana and Umairah for the first time. Kak Nenie was from Kelantan, while Liana was from Selangor and Umairah coming from KL.

The four of us became close in a blink of an eye. Sharing room, notes, foods, interests, stories and many more. We did influenced one another sometimes, especially on our speaking accent. They are special friends and I treasure our friendship so much. They're the reason I bought In Team nasheed album for the first time in my life and I'm the reason they said "kipeh" and "maleh" instead of "kipas" and "malas". (^_^)

We were not just roommates, we were also classmates. The four of us took Food Science course, therefore, we were together every minute of the day. From day to night, from breakfast to dinner, from lectures to exams, from weekday to weekend. We were practically family there...

2 b continued...

Lots of love and doa from your Ummi,