Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Lunch pada suatu hari, terasa nk buat skewers macam Family Outing episod yang ada Daniel Henney tu. Cewah...tp benda yang dicucuk tu haruslah pilihan sendiri kan. So, timun, crab stick, capsicum and cheese filled sausage telah dipilih. Semua segera, senang. Cucuk je then dip into tepung, diikuti dengan telur. Then, fry it.
Family Outing Skewers

Then, my beloved MIL kirim beberapa ekor puyuh. Thanx Ibu (^_^). Haruslah nk masak puyuh masak pedas ala Mira Tomyam. Walaupun tak la sesedap Mira Tomyam, still not too bad. Hehehe..perasan sendiri.

Puyuh Masak Pedas


LiTtLe bRoThEr BiRthDaY...

the big boy who turns 19 on 24th May 2012

the menu

p/s: we love you...have fun completing Wataniah training...back home safe and sound.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

IdEaS FoR BaBy uMaR 2nd BiRtHdAy...

Our precious little one will be celebrating his 2nd birthday next month...but Ummi and Abah still couldn't figure out what kind of celebration or present for him.

For his 1st birthday last year, we bought drinks and snacks, put in paper bags, and deliver the goody bags to families and friends. We wanted to teach him the joy of sharing and we taught that he's too young to enjoy birthday party.

Now that he's turning 2, he becomes a lot smarter and active. We're thinking of giving him a bicycle, but Opah and Atok was way ahead of us. Hehehe. Thank you Opah and Atok for the cute red bicycle. 

There are a few suggestions for presents in the internet, but some of them are usual things and Umar already had it like books and toys, while some of them are simply out of price range.

I'm thinking of buy/bake cake, since Umar loves cake, especially chocolate cake. 

Birthday party or not? Still believe that he's too young for it...or is it though?

Goody bags again? Not a bad idea at all...plus, it is very economical... (^_^)

Still thinking...