Wednesday, April 20, 2011

TriAL 1....

I always love to see people wearing shawl  but never know the simplest way to wear it. I'd try many times since i'm like in lower form. But, recently I watched a video on YouTube and the next thing I knew, I'm an expert in wearing shawl...ecece...not an expert laaa...just a beginner...actually all this are inspired by miss maria elena. Plus, I love the way she speaks and writes in English. Still, there are some people who condemned her, but she is way better than people who only know to criticise but not making effort to help or share knowledge with others. Anyway, there's always room for improvement, right?

ok ke tak?hehehe...


  1. sgt ok!
    try shawl yg without awning lak nk tgk.msti lg comel.

  2. thanx babe...hehe
    actually dh try without awning tp nmpk teruk coz muka i kn bulat, and sgtla terserlah kebulatannye without the awning things...