Wednesday, June 13, 2012

IdEaS FoR BaBy uMaR 2nd BiRtHdAy...

Our precious little one will be celebrating his 2nd birthday next month...but Ummi and Abah still couldn't figure out what kind of celebration or present for him.

For his 1st birthday last year, we bought drinks and snacks, put in paper bags, and deliver the goody bags to families and friends. We wanted to teach him the joy of sharing and we taught that he's too young to enjoy birthday party.

Now that he's turning 2, he becomes a lot smarter and active. We're thinking of giving him a bicycle, but Opah and Atok was way ahead of us. Hehehe. Thank you Opah and Atok for the cute red bicycle. 

There are a few suggestions for presents in the internet, but some of them are usual things and Umar already had it like books and toys, while some of them are simply out of price range.

I'm thinking of buy/bake cake, since Umar loves cake, especially chocolate cake. 

Birthday party or not? Still believe that he's too young for it...or is it though?

Goody bags again? Not a bad idea at, it is very economical... (^_^)

Still thinking...


  1. Tengok wish list Qiera yang pertama, terasa harus amat bersyukur Kakshida ni.
    Buat tahlil pun ok gak kot, panggil orang surau dtg rumah, bonusnya malaikat datang sekali bawa rahmat InsyaAllah, boleh biasakan Umar dengan majlis zikir. =)

  2. thanx kak shida...hehe.ada gak terfikir nk bt camtu...paling tidak pn myb hantar goody bags kt jemaah masjid...anyway, thanx again.and as always..miss u...

  3. goodies bags and kek bola ok tak? hehe

  4. menarik gak idea tu jgn umar sepak kek tu suda...umar mmg minat sgt bola n automatic reflex nk sepak je bila nmpk bola...hehehe

  5. aah kan nanti sepak bola pulak ingatkan bola betul.aish..bila la auntie xue boleh jumpe umar ni..