Wednesday, November 2, 2011

ThERe's AlwAYS FIRst TiME FoR EveRyTHiNG...

Muhammad Umar first experience in waterpark...and he's loving it!!

Since Ummi bought swimming suit for Umar but unable to wear it in Langkawi during last trip, we've decided to go to a waterpark.

The first choice is Bukit Merah Laketown but we've been thinking that this is the first time for Umar. Maybe he's afraid and doesn't want to go near the water or things like that, so it will become a waste considering that the entrance costs us rm27 for 1 adult.

So, we agree to go to Marina Cove Lumut. It's so cheap there. Just rm5 for 1 adult. rm3 for children above 12 years old (if i'm not mistaken, or maybe above certain height) and additional rm2 if you want to bring in your own tube. The waterpark is good enough for a first timer like Umar.

Look!I'm having fun with Abah!!

Umar ignoring the camera...

Nak masuk dalam air lagi...please!

Once again, biar Ummi seorang je smiling to the camera...

simple, but good enough for this time

the slide that makes Ummi screaming at the first try...huhuhu...budak2 kecil pun relax je
After playing in the waterpark, you can go to Lumut town to buy fish/seafood products...overall, we're having fun but a little note to Marina Cove Waterpark management (as if diaorang baca la kan), please keep your pools clean, and please let all the pools functioning well...thank you.

Yup, looking forward to go to bigger waterpark next time!!

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