Friday, November 4, 2011

Me AnD mY FiRsT LoVe...

Well, the title is a little bit exaggerate, though...
Yes, it is not my first love...but still, i love it till this very moment...
My first love perhaps, was BSB? it?
Yup, in MUSIC, of course!I consider it as my first love since BSB no longer excite me...hehe
The one and only..still number 1 in my chart...SHEILA ON 7!!
I love this band since like 2001...or maybe earlier...haha so much for the first love konon, tapi tak ingat bila start minat..chett..

I know no one read my post sometimes, or at least that is what I feel, but I still love to share my personal interests, somehow, it makes me happy and if I wrote it in my "buku curahan hati", which I obviously never had one...

Back to the main story, I love SO7 music and for people who really close to me, they definitely know that I love Eminem too. When I was in "sesi suai kenal" with my bf, I did confess to him that Eminem is my 2nd lover...pakwe ke 2 camtu la...hahaha..the first one is my bed, because I really love to sleep. Believe me, now that he is my husband, he still "ungkit" about this sometimes...uh huh... :-)

But, as I grow mature (tak nak pulak tulis older), I did find that some of the Eminem's song is quite ermmmm....inappropriate.Though I love some of it 'non-parental advisory' lyrics, like:

You provide me the lighterfluid to fuel my fire
You're my entire supply
Gas, the match, the igniter.
The only way that I am able to stay so stable
Is you're the legs to my table
If you were to break I'd fall on my face
... awwww...isn't that romantic?

There's no mountain i can't climb
There's no tower too high,
No plane that i can't learn how to fly...inspiring

But then of course everything always happens for a reason
I guess it was never meant to be
But it's just something we have no control over and that's what destiny is...yup, ease my heart

And if you ask me too
Daddy's gonna buy you a mockingbird
I'mma give you the world
I'mma buy a diamond ring for you
I'mma sing for you
I'll do anything for you to see you smile...ermmm,dad's love

Ooppss...terlebih pasal Eminem ke SO7?haha...killing two birds with one stone...
OK...however, now that I'm more mature, I guess I'm just too old to rap along...But, with SO7, i'm just still love every song now like I used to then...

Can u imagine, i love them since 2001, back when I was in high school, then my uni days, falling in love, switching from one job to another, got married, given birth and still falling in's like i grow up together with the band and their wonderful songs.

"Sebuah kisah klasik" was like my theme song in the end of 2002 when I finished my SPM and separated from my BFFs in Jasin.

Jabat tangan ku, mungkin untuk yang terakhir kali
Kita ber-bincang, tentang memori di masa itu
Peluk tubuhku, usapkan juga air mataku
Kita terharu, seakan tiada bertemu lagi
Sampai jumpa kawanku
S’moga kita selalu
Menjadi sebuah kisah klasik, untuk masa depan

Also, SO7 had the "Percayakan Padaku" titled song way before Ungu "Percaya Padaku". But, of course not as popular as Ungu's. But, it was a good song.

Then, the album "Pria Terhebat" or "Pejantan Tangguh" in Indonesian, accompany my very first date with my lovely bf/ we went to the roti canai stall where the confession took meaningful is that..

In the same album, the song "Pilihlah Aku" was the first song (or is it second, right after that In-Team about nasheed influence from my roommate back then) that I dedicate to my bf/hubby...

Sadarkah kau kusayangi
Sadarkah untukmu ku bernyanyi
Terbacakah niat tulus ini
Degup jantung kian terbisik
Aku yang kan mencintaimu
Aku yang kan slalu mendampingimu
Bila bahagia yang akan kau tuju
Bila butuh cahaya tuk menemanimu
Pilihlah aku

I had almost all their album...(tapi yang kaset cam dh sangat ol skool)...right until the 2011 'Berlayar''s like they sing the right song at the perfect moment...

When I want to remember my memories, there's "sebuah kisah klasik untuk masa depan", when it's time to put an end, there's "waktu yang tepat untuk berpisah", when i'm down and helpless, there's "pemuja rahasia",  when i'm crazy in love, there's "itu aku", when i look back to all those years, there's "takkan pernah menyesal", when i want to feel good, i replace "lia, lia, lia" with "qiera, qiera, qiera"...hahahaha...when i'm confused, there's "menentukan arah".

Now that i'm married, i hope it's "hingga ujung waktu" and always remind me and my hubby, "saat aku lanjut usia". Sometimes when I'm alone and feel hopeless, i talk to myself "pasti ku bisa"... that's commitment. That's how dependable i am to SO7.

I'm so glad that I let it I just want to "have fun"!!!!



  1. Muahahahaha...camane akak boley tatau awak fanatik sangat dooh lalu dengan SO7 smpi semua tema hidup ada lagu SO7 ni...wakakakaka...lawak ar qiera.

    Anyway, akak punye first kaset(yang dibeli guna duit biasiswa yang patotnye beli buku=) pun SO7. Hahaha. Punye takut ummi marah, mintak yuyu my BFF tulis kat album tu yuyu punye....padahal ummi akak tau juge... wakakakaka....

  2. serius kak?apasal saya pun tak tau jugak citer akak pasal so7 ni?hehehe...miss u kak!!!