Wednesday, November 9, 2011

FrOM tHe BoTToM oF mY hEarT...

For me, the best part of a song, is the lyric. I always listen carefully to the lyrics and if the lyrics are beautiful, i'll like the song no matter who sings it.

I always love and agree with Matluthfi's opinion and videos. However, for this one, I think I can't totally agree with him eventhough I admit this is really entertaining and he is hilarious.

For me, the "tiga kata" song by KRU is so sweet. Well, maybe because it is uncommon in our culture to say 'i love u', 'aku cinta padamu' each and every day, especially after you've been married for a quite some time.

Well, for the song "berdua bersatu", i did think it sounds ridiculous, but hey, they said love is blind...same applies to Bruno Mars' 'Grenade'.. and maybe only people who experience the feeling of being rejected can really relate and understand this song. Also, if you're eyes wide open when you kiss, it symbolise that you're not sincere and you just can't feel it (am i right?i think so..)

'Terasa di syurga' is a wonderful song, and not to mention many people love it. Especially when you're in love...and if you're romantic and sensitive.

Last but not least, "Lelaki seperti Aku" by Aliff comment.Hehehe..because I enjoy listening to the childish lyrics and I love this song...well, i did mention that love is blind, right?

note: why did people always said "no offence" right before they offence you?hahaha...

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