Tuesday, October 2, 2012

WeEkEnD OuTiNg...


Last weekend, Ummi and Umar rode on ETS Train Ipoh-KL and KL-Ipoh. It was the very first experience for Umar on a train, and also the first time Ummi and Umar on a public transport journey, just the two of us. Previously, we were together with Opah Su when we rode a bus to KL. Ummi was very nervous and worried at first. Who knows, anything can happen...what if Umar got scared and cry, what if Ummi suddenly need to go to the loo, what if Umar 'poo poo' during the journey...bla, bla, bla...

Alhamdulillah, everything went smoothly...Umar was quite nervous first few minutes, but slowly, he began to adapt so well. I am so proud of you my baby. He's so excited asking so many questions on the train...and keep repeating..."Uuuu...sonoknye naik train!!"....And when the train speed, he goes saying "Uuuuu...terbang!!!"...hahaha!Funny!

On Sunday, we went for a lunch at Tanah Aina Azareena Restaurant @ Bentong. The view was superb with a lot of durian trees and crystal clear stream. We were together with Abah's colleagues bidding farewell to their ex-boss. The service was good and the staff were very friendly. The owner even greet us personally and presented the gift to the boss. 

The meal was very satisfying and abundant. We were served with fried rice and plain white rice. I am not quite sure the name of the dishes. But, basically there are seafood steamboat and vege with tom yum soup, pineapple chicken, fried squid, fried tofu, baby kailan, pucuk paku and buttered prawns. The drinks were watermelon and also orange juice. For dessert, there were cheese cake and chocolate cake. Burrppp...Alhamdulillah...(^_^)

Getting nervous for about 3 minutes..hehehe

Yes, slowly adapting

The scenery @ Tanah Aina Azareena Restaurant

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