Tuesday, June 4, 2013

WaY Too CLinGy...

I have always been one of those clingy gf /wife... Especially now that my husband is in his DPA course for 6 months, he's so busy and has little time to text or call me, I think my clinginess got a lot worse...So, I googled and found this on wikihow...I try to sum it up...


  1. Work on Yourself
    • Build your confidence
      • Learn to love yourself, make use of your special ability and addressing your flaws
    • Work on your trust issues
      • Let go of people who hurt you in the past and fell more open to trust people without being with them all the time
    • Ease your anxiety
      • Reduce your stress and try to tell yourself that it is ok to meet new people
    • Talk to someone
      • Talk to a close friend or family member and find the root cause of your clinginess
  2. Live a More Fulfilling Life
    • Pursue your own interest
      • Find your passion, try a fun exercise and work on your hobby to distract yourself and fill your time
    • Pursue your own goals
      • Set some short term goals, then make plan for long term one and write about it
    • Expand your social network
      • Be friendlier to your colleague, or get in touch with old friends
    • Learn to like being alone
      • Enjoy some 'me-time', it can be either walking, reading and so on.
    • Volunteer
      • Helping out your community, it can fill your time as well as expanding your social network
  3. Manage your Relationship
    • Give people space
      • Being apart with someone actually make that person appreciate you more
      • Don't constantly text, call or 'show up' to hang out
    • Take it slow when you meet someone new
      • Take it easy and relax when you meet new person. Don't be too open and don't initiate every hangout
    • Don't baby anyone
      • Don't assume that people always need you to take care of them, if they need help, they'll ask
    • Watch your body language
      • Don't stand too close or hold hands the whole time, etc
    • Don't get taken for granted
      • It is often the downfall of being too clingy, so make it clear you have other people in your social network and other things to do
      • Don't answer your phone or reply to text instantly every time
    • Enjoy keeping a healthy distance
      • Keeping a healthy distance will give you more time to work your on your own issues and you'll learn to love being alone sometimes

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