Wednesday, May 22, 2013

FrOm bAbY uMaR tO AbaNg UmAr...

Our precious son will turn 3 this coming July. Hence, I have decided not to call him Baby Umar anymore. Of course, as a mom, we wish that our children will always be our baby forever. So, when it is time to spoil him a little bit, or when i try to coax or flatter him, I always call him Baby Umar. Of course, he likes it so much when I call him like that. But, it started to have bad effects. 

Well, he is after all a clever boy, Alhamdulillah. So, he started to manipulate the word 'baby'. For example, when I told him that he needs to wean off pacifier, and start trying to ditch his diapers, or he needs to walk rather than having us carrying him because he is already a big boy, he always came with the same excuse which is " Umar kecik lagi, Umar kan baby lagi"...his words exactly. 

I tried calling him Abang Umar before. But, not for long because I always switch back and forth to Baby Umar again and again. Perhaps the main reason is because he is my only child for now. But I guess I need to be firm from now on. Well, being firm is a tough job especially towards our own little munchkin. Hopefully, I can do it well since I want Umar to start potty training and weaning off bottles and pacifier, little by little. Insha Allah...No pressure, all children develop at their own pace and their own way. That is what I strongly believe... (^_^)

Our little star