Wednesday, April 27, 2011

sORRy, U caN nO LOnger satISfY Me...

I always liked u so much since from the beginning. You've been there for me, accompany me thoughout my boarding school years, during my university days, and in fact, until this right moment. You and me are more than just best buddies. You have seen me in my best moment and even my bad ones. You never failed to cheer me up and I always make sure that you're with me all the time, well, most of the time.

Eventhough my boyfriend (the same person I call 'Abang' now) hates u, but, I insist to continue my relationship with u whether he likes it or not. That's how much I like u, that's the prove that I need u in my life. My dear friends also like u. They said u are the most understanding in some situation. They said only u know how exactly to make them happy sometime. U had been such a great company.

Years gone by, I do not know myself anymore. My feeling towards u started changes unexpectedly. I did not ask for it, but it just appear without me realizing it. Seriously, I want u to know that I did not ask for it. I repeat, it is against my willing. I wish that I could like u forever, until the end of time, but, it happens. Sorry, i'm sorry. It is hard for me to say this, but, the truth is u can no longer satisfy me. U, my great company, my best buddy, u just can't meet my needs now.

My love for u slowly fade away. I'd try to make me feel the same way I feel for you before. I swear it, I already try, many times. But, all I can feel are just bland, tasteless u. So, I already make a decision to break up with u. It is for the sake of us both. Maybe, it's not the end, maybe I will need u sometime, but to be honest not in the mean time. So long my love, I'll always remember u...u will always be my favourite. Hope u will find another soul that love u as much as I used to, my great instant noodles...So long, bubbye


  1. hahaha.funny post from u made my day!

  2. kak as:hehe...true story ape

    zue:glad u feel that way...hikhik