Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Disember muncul semula...Alhamdulillah masih dapat bernafas dan sihat di bumi Allah yang indah ini...
Well, December, my favourite month indeed...Yesterday, we celebrated our 8 years together..awesome!
Actually, I don't know what I should give my hubby for this anniversary. From the beginning, we decided that the present for our love anniversary must not be expensive. Save the costly one for wedding anniversary or birthday instead. So, our love anniversary present should be something cute, inexpensive but thoughtful and sweet. Something like photo frame, key chains, chocolates, any kind of inspirational souvenirs from bookstores...oh yes, of course I already gave those things before.

 I was kind of out of ideas this year. It's not easy not to repeat the same present again. I was browsing the internet when I found something interesting, a message in a bottle. OK, it's lame, not even a new ideas, but hey, I never tried it before. I always hope that I can give it to my loved ones, so, why not at this year love anniversary...

 But, I can't just give the bottle alone, so I was thinking of some added regular stuff like chocolates and others. Then, it came across my mind that maybe a hamper is not a bad idea. I never gave my man a hamper before. In fact, this is the first time I made my own hamper. Well, I am not a creative person, so I just tried my best. The result, ugh, comot tak hengat!!Hehehe...However, my hubby, being a nice boyfriend himself, loved it and appreciate it. That's all I need... Thank you hunney!! Happy 8th love anniversary!!

The 'comot tak hengat but comes with a lot of love' hamper

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