Wednesday, November 4, 2009

AfTEr A LonG BREak...

It's been a while since I update my blog...busy and thinking too much regarding my Master degree which actually I have not start anything yet. Thats bother me the most. My after-married life is doing good...even sometimes I did felt tired travelling PENANG-IPOH-BENTONG-KUANTAN.

Huhuhu!!!But it all worth it because I got to see my dearest hubby, Mr Anas bin Mohd Yusof.Hehehe!!!Before I got married, I thought that I'll be OK with my PJJ (perkahwinan jarak jauh). However, to be frank, now that we've become husband and wife, I'm NOTTTT OK with it!!!

My PaNAceA FanTASy blog has changed to what can be seen boyfriend, who is now my dearest husband did not quite agree when I first told him that I want a blog...but, I still create this one. He did not mad at me. Thank God! So, after we got married, I changed the name to appreciate that he was so understanding for letting me to continue blogging...

OH!I miss my hubby...dh 4 hari tak jumpa...


  1. terima kasih...hehe..kata nk dtg ritu...

  2. xdpat sbab da balik KL da.. maaf ye..
    kamu tunggu utk org plak ye..
    lagi 2 thun la..

  3. hope not too late to wish..tahniah qiera..semoga dapat menjalani hidup sebagai seorang isteri solehah..inshaAllah..take care...
    jazakallah khairan..;)

  4. Sabar my Dear. nanti didekatdekatkan isnyaAllah.