Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ma, I LOVE U!!!

Happy Mothers Day!I know it's kind of late, but still, I have to find time to make this entry. It's been quite a busy week. This year, it's a second year i am celebrating Mother's Day as a mom myself. Last year, I am celebrating it as a mom-to-be, but it still counts, isn't it?Hehe...Happy Mothers Day to all moms in this beautiful magical world...and especially to my MOM, Puan UMI KALSOM BT ALI and as well as my MIL, Puan NORRAN BT AHMAD.

My mom and I celebrated Mother's Day at Langkawi this year. As for me, a sweet wish from my hubby and baby Umar is more than enough. We even completed it with the great GROUP HUG...hehehe... (of course I am the only one enjoying it while my two heros think it suffocates them...hehehe).

Mothers are incredible. They know everything about you and they can solve all your problems just by hugging and comforting you. I know my mom can. Mothers and their unconditional love can not be separated.

This one goes to my lovely Mom,
Thank you for bringing me to this world and love me every second of the day. Thank you for always been there for me, patiently teaching me alphabets, numbers, colours, shapes and all. Thank you for cooking my favourite foods. Thank you for applying ointment for me all these years because I am too lazy to apply it myself and I don't like the smell. Thank you for buying me all my lovely clothes, bags, shoes....everything. Thank you for being my financial and fashion advisor, seriously, you know the best and I hate shopping without you. Thank you for being my cooking mentor. Thank you for visiting me all those years when I was in Jasin, KMPP, UMT and I know I cause you trouble and you are worried about me all the times, even until now, I am really sorry. Thank you for loan me your money now and then, hehe... Thank you for helping me prepared my wedding, accompany me to bridal shops and all. Thank you for taking care of me during my postnatal period. Thank you for taking care of my baby. Thank you for all your love and efforts in raising me and my lil brother. You're the best and you know I always look up to you. You're my life mentor and I'm so glad that there is saying that 'you will grow to be just like your mother'. I know that I will never be as good as you, you cooks well, you're so good with other people, but, I hope I can come closest to what you are. I LOVE YOU MA!!!

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